The Law Office of Richard M. Mehigan

The Law Offices of Richard M. Mehigan

Over 30 Years of Excellence and Innovation
Specializing in representing owners and property managers
of multifamily residential rental housing in eviction actions
Our law office specializes in the handling of landlord-tenant law, processing evictions as rapidly as the law allows, while working for the best outcome in fast settlement of the case.  We offer our service in the greater Sacramento area including the surrounding counties.
Let us help you with all aspects of the eviction, starting with the most common type of notices:
  • 3-Day Notice to Quit (for purchase at Trustee’s Sale after foreclosure),
  • 3-Day Notice for Non Payment of Rent,
  • 3-Day Notice for Breach of Contract,
  • 30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy for tenants who have occupied a property for less than 12 months,
  • 60-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy for tenants who have occupied a property for more than 12 months
Following Service of the Notice
  • Preparation and Filing of UD Complaint
  • Preparation of Clerks Judgment
  • Request for Trial (if tenant answers complaint)
  • Representation at Trial
  • Final Judgment
  • Preparation of Sheriff Writ and Instructions to Sheriff
  • Money Judgments
  • Settlements
  • All require Process Service

Best in Service

  • Experienced, Efficient and Effective
  • First, Statewide, to Electronically File Landlord/Tenant Court Cases
  • Cutting-edge Computerization Streamlines Case Management
  • Professional, Experienced and Courteous Staff to Assist You
  • Focus on Settling Cases Outside of Court – Saves You Time & Money
  • Personalized Service with Strong Emphasis on Client Satisfaction

Over the past 30 years, my office has endeavored to set the standard of practice in landlord/tenant law. During the 1980s, while many other law offices were still using typewriters to produce court documents, my office developed a computerized case management system. This cutting-edge technology allowed us to spend less time producing paperwork and more time meeting our clients' needs for information and services.
As technology has progressed, so have we. When electronic filing of cases began in Sacramento during 2005, my office was the first in California to utilize the new system. Since then, we have continued to be the leader in electronic filing.
We remain committed to providing outstanding service to our clients in the greater Sacramento area, including Placer, Yolo and El Dorado counties.